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On behalf of the clergy I would like to thank all of our devotees for getting us this far. We started from nothing, but thanks to all of you, and of course Ghost itself we have built up a strong following. We have had our ups and downs, but we have come through these hard periods stronger than ever, and we (as always) are devout in spreading the unholy message that is Ghost.

We really appreciate the support of every single one of you, whether you have submitted art to us, taken pictures at rituals, or if you simply enjoy listening to the band. And of course with your messages. You’re giving us strength and keep us going. We salute you.

We look forward to another year of unholiness, and we hope you will follow us wherever the dark path may lead…


RE: Rick Remender, Alleged Statutory Rape, and Jet Black


If your discomfort with the whole Captain America #22 issue is simply the fact that sex had happened between two consenting adults in the presence of alcohol, this isn’t for you. You’re free and completely entitled to hate that and view it with great disdain but my attitude and problem with the fandom is not because of people finding issue with that overused plot device to get two people to finally be comfortable enough to do it but because of people making claims that Jet Black is 14 years old (when she’s not) and thus stating that despite her even saying she’s beyond those years to dare accuse Remender writing a statutory rape scene and faulting Sam Wilson as a rapist. If you had any of these thoughts, this is for you. Before you continue your crusade, please at least let me provide you with some facts.

Let me first introduce you to Jet Black as she was first introduced in the series (Captain America v.7 #1):

That girl right there with that mischievous look is not a baby as many have claimed. She is clearly in her prepubescent years enjoying the treatment her father, Arnim (corrected the spelling because I didn’t realize I put Armin) Zola, is providing the capitalist captain. 

Below is her brother as he was first introduced in the same exact page (Captain America v.7 #1 p.14 — cw: syringe/drill and torture):

Clearly the two siblings are not the same age, right? So why are there false rumors being spread around that Jet is 14? I honestly don’t know unless people believe Ian and Jet are the same person, which is silly, right? Apparently, not

Putting the rest beneath a cut because it gets lengthy because of timeline explanation thus is image heavy.

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Reblogging this because this most sense that is made about the situation. Having finally read issue #22 and looking into the matter, I was taken aback by the #firerickremender supporters to point where I was going to give up on and completely renounce geek/nerd fandom (less than two weeks from Comic-Con by the way). All of this was because of some people’s inability to comprehend a story that’s being written. It seemed like when people were understanding what’s going they would continue to allege that Rick Remender was in the wrong on this one. I’m not here to argue. I am just happy there are people on tumblr who have common sense.

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